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Manufactured by Format in the U.K.

Manufactured by Format in the U.K.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions which we're commonly asked:

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why use steel buildings?

    Strength Vs Weight - Whilst lighter in weight than hot rolled steel sections, pre galvanised cold rolled steel sections are immensely strong as they are manufactured from high tensile steel. Thus not only giving better strength/weight ratio but also substantial corrosion resistance being pre galvanised.

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  • What foundations and footings will I need?

    Our qualified structural engineer will provide us will fully detailed foundation requirements for you to use for your building.

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  • What cladding options are available

    There are two basic options being single skin or pre insulated profile sheets for both roofs and walls, with rooflight options available if required. With single skin most customers choose an anti condensation fleece backing to the underside of the roof sheet.

    With insulated options customers normally choose a minimum thickness of 40mm with a maximum thickness of 80mm depending on cost and insulation requirements.

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  • Is condensation an issue?

    Condensation used to be an issue with single skin profile sheets but with the advent of fleece backing for roof sheeting it is no longer a major issue.

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  • Does single skin cladding on steel buildings mean that it will drip water because of condensation?

    The anti condensation fleece absorbs moisture and water vapour. This helps prevent dripping inside your building.

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  • Are there different coatings on the single skin cladding?

    There are many differing coatings available, if you have a particular coating in mind please let us know and we will endeavour to source it for you. We normally quote for PVC leather-grain plastic coatings which have successfully been used on similar buildings for over 30 years.

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  • What are the steps to plan for your steel building?

    Initially send us basic details with your proposed dimensions and include your post code. From this we can design the correct steel frame quoting our suggestions for your requirements.

    If however you have any specific requests please give us a call and we would be delighted to discuss how we can help.

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  • Will the use of the building affect the design?

    Requirements for agricultural buildings are less stringent than those where human use is more frequent.

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  • Is it possible to position doors anywhere in the building?

    Doors can be positioned anywhere between steel supports as long as the required door size can be accommodated, especially in height where additional room is needed for roller shutter designs.

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  • How can I maximise the life span of my new steel framed building?

    General maintenance always helps such as ensuring no water ingress from the gutters and downpipes. In addition the washing down of roofing and cladding sheets to remove dirt and deposits will always reduce corrosion opportunities.

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  • What sort of doors can I have?

    Small doors for personal use are readily available. Larger doors can be provided in many forms with roller shutter doors being the market leader, though side hinge or sliding doors can also be designed and manufactured to suit.

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  • What is the difference between hot and cold rolled steel?

    Hot rolled steel sections such as 'I Beam' sections, channels and angles are rolled formed when the steel is red hot.

    By contrast cold rolled sections are manufactured from flattened strip which is then dipped in hot zinc to galvanise it, prior to being cold rolled to required sections such as channels and zeds.

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  • How will the building be delivered?

    Your complete building will be delivered in component form, carefully packed, on a dedicated vehicle to a site and date agreed with you.

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  • What planning permission would be required?

    You will normally need to discuss requirements with your local planning department, though we are quite happy to provide basic outline and foundation drawings for you.

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  • Where do I start?

    You will need to decide on a building size and then contact your local planning office who will then be able to offer you the help and advise needed.

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  • Once my order is placed how long will it take to manufacture?

    We manufacture in house so this give us an edge on being able to turn buildings around very quickly. Delivery 2 - 3 weeks from receipt of order.

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  • Are all buildings individually structurally calculated?

    All our buildings are structurally calculated to every single request from the customer. They are all calculated to BS5950/5, Loading BS6399/1 & Wind Loading BS6399/2. We will send a copy of all structural calculations with every order.

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  • What colours are the buildings available in?

    As standard we offer the choice of Grey, Green, Blue, Black & Brown for your building. If there are any colours you had in mind (BS or RAL colours) please don't hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to source the colour for you.

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  • Can you erect a steel building yourself?

    Erecting a steel building will require more than one person. We will supply you a full building manual with a step by step guide on how to erect your own steel building. We can also supply a full tool kit with everything you will need to erect your own building if needed. We are also more than happy to assist you on the phone to help you overcome any issues.

    We also have a team of skilled fitters with years of experience travelling the UK erecting steel buildings.

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  • Why choose Format Steel Buildings?

    At Format Steel Buildings we are a hard working honest company who pride ourselves on quality and service. We manufacture the steel buildings here at our U.K. based factory. We are able to offer you a quick turnaround and be more than competitive on price. We sell direct to the customer cutting any middle men and extra costs out. Save yourself money and come direct!

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