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Manufactured by Format in the U.K.

Manufactured by Format in the U.K.
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Project Case Study

Case Study Garage / Workshop

Our customer came to visit us at our factory to discuss his project of having a purpose built garage / workshop to store and work on his car collection. 

In discussion he mentioned he already had planning approved and had a set height he had to adhere too. This caused a few issues not leaving much headroom for a door. What we came up with was an around the corner garage door. 

With the building being located at the back of the property we needed to make sure it sat well within its surroundings. We used a low roof line and clad the roof and walls in a dark green so it could blend in with the hedges and trees surrounding. 

The customer built the garage / workshop with his friend who neither had any experience of putting a building like this together. Two weeks on and the building was completed. 

He now has a perfect garage / workshop to enjoy his retirement in. 

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