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Manufactured by Format in the U.K.

Manufactured by Format in the U.K.
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Project Case Study

Case Study Classic Bike Storage / Workshop

Our customer Bob got in touch about having a steel framed building made to store his classic bike collection and to be used as a workshop. 

Bob came across us through a mutual contact who built the Helicopter Hangar we made. He was able to go to the site and have a look at the products we have produced and inspect the quality. 

Happy with what he had seen Bob came to see us at our factory in Halesowen to discuss his options. We detailed out a few buildings which he then went to planning with. The first options were knocked back by planning so we continuously worked with Bob to come up with an option that suited him and the planners. 

The end product was a fully insulated composite steel building which sat low into the landscape so it was not so obtrusive to its surroundings. We used a large double personnel door as we was limited on head room due to keeping to eaves at a low height. He also wanted rainwater goods to the front elevation with a large water butt so we made him a swanneck pipe coming out the sole of the gutter with a big enough off set to run straight into the water butt. 

Bob and his partner are very pleased with the end product and the way their building sits nicely next to the current property. 

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